Thursday, April 17, 2014

New Bike...and I LOVE it!

Yesterday I was finally able to take my new bike out for it's first ride. I had heard nothing but positive things about the XX1 Spearfish but I was still unprepared for how freaking awesome it is. I rode over to Cannonsburg ski hill and thought that I had the bike locked out because whenever I would stand up on a hill there was zero bobbing. However once I hit dirt the bike floated over everything. It's perfect and I can't believe that it's mine.

I still have to work on dialing in the fit, but I'll have it ready just in the nick of time to head down to Tennessee next week. About a month ago (when Michigan was getting dumped on relentlessly with snow) I completely snapped and signed up for the Cohutta 100. At the time the thought of riding 100 miles in the sun sounded absolutely fantastic. When I told my coach about it he was like, "there's not much time to get ready for that," and he was 100% right! Over the last month I did as much as I could, but I'm nowhere near ready to race 100 miles. Or maybe I am...we shall find out.  I plan on using the Cohutta 100 as a stepping stone for the Lumberjack 100...and it's also a good excuse to go down and catch up with some great friends that I miss seeing! I'm nothing but excited about this race and now that I have this bike I'm twice as excited. And now that I just went on and on about how excited I am to race in warm weather it's totally going to snow in Tennessee, right??? It better not....

Anyways, back to the bike. I was so excited to finally take it out for a test ride that I didn't realize that I was still missing a water bottle cage until I made it to the trail. I guess it didn't matter anyways because I then also realized that I left my bottle of Carborocket sitting on the kitchen counter. Oops. It's probably a good thing that I could only do a short ride because once I was on my bike I wanted to stay out there all day. I've been dreaming of riding on dirt for so felt surreal.
Unfortunately I had to cut my ride really short (1-lap) but it was for a good cause-cleaning up Merrell trail in Rockford. I will be the first to admit that I need to go to more trail clean-up days and I plan on it this summer. There is a reason why all of our trails are in such great shape and it's because so many volunteers work on them. There was a really huge group that showed up to clear fallen trees and debris and we got done pretty quickly. Next time I definitely plan on bringing my own leaf blower, rake and chainsaw though!

It's all about teamwork...this tree was in our way :-)


Carey Lowery said...

You won't have to worry about chainsuck at this Cohutta. Unlike that year when you were riding the the Intense??? and had major front derailleur issues.

The Padre said...

Sweet Ride…… Dig The Color….. Stay Strong